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Carl Honorés vision on 'Slow' (June 2016)

The author of 'In praise of slow', Carl Honore, explains in his video what 'slow' is about. "It is not about doing everything at a snail's pace. It is rather about quality instead of quantity. It is about bringing more depth, pleasure and meaning to your life."

Go slow: how to do less and take in more on holiday (The Guardian - 17 Jan 2015)

Article from the 'Guardian' on how travellers can ditch the itinery, slow down and enjoy the moment. "Give yourself a break. Choose a small, sleepy area which still has good skiing ... Have a lie-in."

3 Tips to Slow Down during Holidays (January 2017)

January 17, 2017

3 Tips to Slow Down during Holidays

Slowing down. Why should we and how? Here are some easy tips to start slowing down and creating more impact and satisfaction in your life. Live smarter, not harder.

1. Find a slow ritual during your holiday

Choose an activity that helps you shift into a lower gear and embed it in your daily holiday activities. It could be reading books for your kids, strolling to a local coffee bar and reading the newspaper or even cooking, painting, writing or gardening. Whatever.

2. Downsize Your (Holiday) Calendar

Do not plan too many activities in advance. Rather start creating a Not To-Do List. Just doing nothing for a while and not planning is fine. You will notice that you will regain more attention, focus and even more connection with your closest friends or families.

3. Take a walk

Walking – and I don’t mean speed walking – is a soothing way to connect with nature, other people and yourself. It’s also a good and healthy exercise, which will lower your blood pressure. Next time you’re about to hop in the car for a short trip or to do some shoppings, consider going on foot instead.

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